sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

Megascops gilesi

Ilustration for : Fundacion ProAves de Colombia.

Researchers from Fundación ProAves, led by Niels Krabbe
and funded by American Bird Conservancy,
discovered a new species of owl in the El
Dorado Bird Reserve, in the Sierra Nevada
de Santa Marta mountain range of Colombia
The new owl, named the Santa Marta Screech-
Owl, is distinguished by unique vocal and plumage
characteristics. It is known from only four or
five pairs seen between 5,900-7,000 feet in elevation
The closely-related Tropical
Screech-Owl is commonly found below 5,000
feet in elevation in the same area. The Santa
Marta Screech-Owl will be given the scientific
name Megascops gilesi in honor of Robert Giles,
who has been a supporter of ABC’s conservation
work in Colombia.

Taken from BirdConservation,
the magazine of American Bird Conservancy.

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