martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010


Beginning in the 1500’s, there were numerous voyages of exploration to the New World and other lands. Sailors, having been steeped in myths and legends of monsters sea serpents were quite prepared to see them when they encountered new species. We see what we expect to see. Travelers brought back verbal accounts of monsters and of exotic fishes, which were then liberally interpreted by artists and then by the engravers who printed the artists’ drawings.

Das Narrenschiff
de la serie: Historia Natural de los lapices
Autor: Fernando E. Laverde E.

sábado, 25 de septiembre de 2010

Megascops gilesi

Ilustration for : Fundacion ProAves de Colombia.

Researchers from Fundación ProAves, led by Niels Krabbe
and funded by American Bird Conservancy,
discovered a new species of owl in the El
Dorado Bird Reserve, in the Sierra Nevada
de Santa Marta mountain range of Colombia
The new owl, named the Santa Marta Screech-
Owl, is distinguished by unique vocal and plumage
characteristics. It is known from only four or
five pairs seen between 5,900-7,000 feet in elevation
The closely-related Tropical
Screech-Owl is commonly found below 5,000
feet in elevation in the same area. The Santa
Marta Screech-Owl will be given the scientific
name Megascops gilesi in honor of Robert Giles,
who has been a supporter of ABC’s conservation
work in Colombia.

Taken from BirdConservation,
the magazine of American Bird Conservancy.